Tanvi Karpate

PhD student

University of Warsaw

Tanvi Karpate is a PhD student at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. She holds a MSc degree with specialization in Photonics from Manipal University, India. In the scope of her MSc studies, she worked on spectral narrowing in gases using femtosecond laser pulses as her project under the prestigious Visiting Student’s Research Programme at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India. Since then, Tanvi has held an evolving interest in nonlinear and ultrafast optics. For her MSc thesis, she was awarded the esteemed NTU-India Connect fellowship to carry out her work at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Under this project, she worked on hyperspectral imaging and on developing an Optics kit for education. Tanvi started her PhD studies under the consortium of the H2020 MSCA ITN “SUPUVIR” project based at Institute of Electronic Material Technology in Warsaw. Under this, she has worked on the development and characterization of novel soft glass photonic crystal fibers for coherent supercontinuum. In 2019, she was awarded Zuegel Family Scholarship to attend Siegman International School on Lasers. She will continue her postgraduate research with the QUNNA research team at University of Warsaw, focusing on modelling, characterization and sensor applications of the team’s nano-material functionalized fibers.

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