Mariusz Klimczak

PhD DSc, Team Leader at University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw

Mariusz Klimczak has received his PhD in 2010 from Warsaw University of Technology in optoelectronics and his DSc (habilitation) in physics from University of Warsaw in 2016. Following PhD graduation, he joined Institute of High Pressure Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences, where he spent two years on development of tuning techniques of laser diodes using hydrostatic pressure. In 2013 he joined Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw and over the past 8 years has been involved in the development and nonlinear and ultrafast optics applications of soft glass photonic crystal fibers and silica hollow core fibers. Mariusz contributed to the field of nonlinear fiber optics with his results on the first regular lattice photonic crystal fibers made of tellurite glass for noise driven or coherent supercontinuum generation, as well as with application of the latter in broadband seeding of femtosecond thulium fiber amplifiers operating at record-low relative intensity noise levels. During this work he established and coordinated his research team in scope of Foundation for Polish Science “First TEAM” program and extensively collaborated with leading labs in Europe, among others in scope of the MSCA ITN consortium “SUPUVIR”. In 2018 he was awarded Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté mobility fellowship and spent three months at Université de Franche-Comté and Institut FEMTO-ST investigating mid-infrared silica anti-resonant fibers for sensing and ultrashort pulse delivery applications. In 2019 he joined University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, to establish one of four research teams pursuing novel sensors utilizing nanodiamond-modified glass platforms in scope of Foundation for Polish Science TEAM-NET consortium “QUNNA”.

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