Dominik Dobrakowski

PhD student (2019-2021)

University of Warsaw

Dominik Dobrakowski received his BSc in 2016 and MSc in 2017, both from Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Physics. For his MSc project, he investigated modelling, fabrication and characterization of hollow-core anti-resonant fibers for nonlinear optics and sensor applications in collaboration with researchers at Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw. After graduation he went on to pursue PhD degree at University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics. His research interests were focused on designing of structured optical fibers (especially all-glass highly nonlinear photonic crystal fibers with introduced birefringence) and performing linear and nonlinear numerical characterization of the structures, including mode analysis, opto-mechanical simulations and supercontinuum generation modelling. He participated in fabrication process of glass components and optical fibers. In September 2019 he visited University of California San Diego (UCSD), Department of Physics, working with group of prof. Tenio Popmintchev for a monthly internship focused on performance tests of hollow core, silica glass anti-resonant fibers for transmission and conversion of ultra-high energy femtosecond laser pulses. In December 2019 he was awarded a research project for young researchers, funded by National Science Center, Poland, under “PRELUDIUM” program. The project is about all-glass photonic crystal fibers with nanostructured, anisotropic core for nonlinearity control. In February 2020 he was appointed a PhD student position in Foundation for Polish Science TEAM-NET “QUNNA” project, in the research team at University of Warsaw.

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